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Heat Transfer Oil

Heat Transfer Oil: Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly

Hi-Tec Heat Transfer Oil 32 (1000L)

$4,772.51 inc GST

Hi-Tec Heat Transfer Oil 32 (200L)

$1,051.64 inc GST

Marvell Heat Transfer Oil 32 (1000 L)

$4,237.42 inc GST

Marvell Heat Transfer Oil 32 (205L)

$952.85 inc GST

Peak Heat Transfer Oil 32 (1000L)

$4,004.57 inc GST

Peak Heat Transfer Oil 32 (205L)

$1,276.58 inc GST

Hi-Tec Heat Transfer Oil 32 (20L)

$118.93 inc GST


$1,326.44 inc GST


$6,099.96 inc GST

Heat Transfer Oil Mobiltherm 605 IBC (1000L)

$6,696.03 inc GST

Marvell Heat Transfer Oil 32 (20L)

$114.43 inc GST

Are you looking to ensure your equipment runs like a well-oiled machine? Look no further! Introducing Oila Oil and Grease Centre, your ultimate destination for top-quality heat transfer fluids. Whether you operate heavy machinery, industrial systems, or commercial boilers, thermal oil is the unsung hero that keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. 

This oil plays a crucial role in the functioning of various equipment. It facilitates the seamless heat transfer between different components, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance. Equipment could experience breakdowns, reduced efficiency, and increased maintenance costs without it. 

At Oila, we understand the importance of reliable thermal oil, so we offer an extensive range of premium products to cater to your needs. Our oils are carefully formulated to withstand high temperatures and deliver excellent thermal stability, ensuring your equipment operates at its peak even in challenging conditions. 

What sets Oila apart is the quality of our products and the value we provide to our customers. Our competitive prices make heat transfer fluid affordable for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, to further enhance your experience, we offer free shipping on orders over $100. 

Don’t let your equipment suffer from overheating or subpar performance. Take action now and secure the heat transfer fluids your equipment deserves. Place your order today with Oila Oil and Grease Centre, and witness how it keeps your machinery running smoothly and efficiently. Remember, a small investment in heat transfer oil now can save you significant maintenance costs down the road. Trust Oila for all your industrial oil needs, and keep your equipment in top shape! 

What is Heat Transfer Oil?

Have you ever wondered how industrial systems efficiently manage heat transfer between different components? The answer lies in the remarkable world of thermal oil. Heat transfer oil, also known as thermal oil, is a specialised oil designed to perform the crucial role of transferring heat within industrial processes.  

At Oila Oil and Grease Centre, we're here to shed light on this essential element that keeps your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. 

The composition of thermal oil is carefully crafted, comprising a base oil and thoughtfully selected additives that elevate its performance to unparalleled heights. This dynamic combination ensures optimal heat conductivity, preventing equipment from overheating and ensuring its longevity and reliability. 

At Oila, we offer an impressive array of heat transfer fluids, each with unique properties catering to diverse industrial needs. Among the popular varieties, mineral oil is the most common, economically sourced from refined petroleum. However, slightly more expensive synthetic oil made from synthetic components is an excellent option for individuals seeking a better level of performance and protection. For a perfect balance of performance and affordability, semi-synthetic oil emerges as an attractive blend of mineral and synthetic oils. 

With our comprehensive range of heat transfer fluids, Oila Oil and Grease Centre empowers you to choose the ideal solution that precisely matches your equipment's requirements. Investing in the right thermal oil will optimise your system's efficiency and lead to significant cost savings in the long run. 

Explore the wonders of heat transfer fluids with us today! Oila Oil and Grease Centre is your reliable partner in securing top-notch thermal oils to keep your industrial systems performing at their best. Let our expertise and commitment drive your equipment to unparalleled heights of excellence! 

Why Do I Need Heat Transfer Oil?

Are you curious about the indispensable role of heat transfer oil, also known as thermal oil, for your equipment? Oila Oil and Grease Centre is here to enlighten you on why thermal oil is a must-have for keeping your machinery in top-notch condition

Heat transfer oil efficiently moves heat between different equipment parts, thwarting the risks of overheating that could lead to costly damages and repairs.

It acts as a reliable lubricant for moving parts, reducing friction and preventing wear and tear, thereby extending the equipment's lifespan and reducing maintenance costs

With Oila's premium selection of heat transfer fluids, you gain:

Optimal equipment performance and longevity

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

Reduced maintenance expenses

Peace of mind knowing your machinery is well-protected

Choose Oila Oil and Grease Centre for your heat transfer fluid needs, and watch your equipment operate flawlessly and efficiently. Don't compromise on your equipment's well-being—secure your thermal oil today and experience the remarkable difference it makes!

How Much Heat Transfer Oil Do I Need?

Are you wondering how much thermal oil your equipment requires? We've got you covered!

The quantity of heat transfer fluids necessary depends on the size of your equipment and its frequency of usage. Our experts are here to assist you in determining the ideal amount. Moreover, regular maintenance is crucial, and we recommend changing your heat transfer oil every 6 months to 1 year to ensure optimal performance.

For personalised recommendations, consult your equipment's owner's manual or contact our knowledgeable team. Trust Oila Oil and Grease Centre for top-quality thermal oil solutions. Efficiency and reliability are guaranteed.

Where Can I Buy Heat Transfer Oil?

Oila Oil and Grease Centre – your ultimate destination for top-notch heat transfer solutions. With a vast selection of premium heat transfer oils available, we pride ourselves on meeting the diverse needs of industries across the board. Whether you require heat transfer fluids for heavy-duty industrial applications or specialised systems, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, shopping with Oila guarantees exceptional product quality and incredible value for your investment. Our competitive prices and exclusive free shipping on orders exceeding $100 ensure a cost-effective and seamless purchasing experience. Trust Oila for all your heat transfer fluids needs!

How to Choose the Right Heat Transfer Oil

When selecting the perfect heat transfer oil for your equipment, making an informed choice is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are some essential pointers to guide you through the selection process:

1. Understand the Types

Familiarise yourself with the different thermal oil options available. Each type possesses distinct properties, such as thermal stability, viscosity, and heat transfer efficiency.

2. Analyse Your Equipment

Assess the specific requirements of your machinery. Different equipment may demand oils with varying temperature ranges and thermal conductivities.

3. Consider Climate Factors

Your geographical location plays a significant role in determining the appropriate heat transfer fluids. Extreme temperatures require oils with excellent temperature resistance.

4. Analyse Usage Patterns

How frequently and intensively your equipment operates impacts the oil's longevity and performance. Choose an oil that can withstand the demands of your usage pattern.

5. Consult Professionals

If you're uncertain about the right choice, seek guidance from Oila Oil and Grease Centre experts. Our team can offer tailored recommendations based on your unique needs.

6. Quality Matters

Never compromise on the quality of heat transfer oil. Oila only stocks premium oils from reputable brands to ensure reliability and efficiency.

With these considerations in mind, finding the perfect heat transfer oil for your equipment becomes a seamless process. Trust Oila Oil and Grease Centre to provide you with a wide array of top-quality heat transfer oils that cater precisely to your needs, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced performance.


The right heat transfer oil ensures efficient heat exchange, improves equipment performance, and extends machinery lifespan by reducing wear and tear.

If your equipment involves heat transfer processes, such as industrial systems or HVAC units, it likely requires heat transfer oil to function optimally.

Various types of heat transfer oils, such as mineral-based, synthetic, and silicone oils, offer unique properties suited for different applications and temperature ranges.

Select the appropriate heat transfer oil by considering equipment specifications, operating conditions, and the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal performance.

Regularly monitor the heat transfer oil’s condition, and change it based on the manufacturer’s guidelines or when signs of degradation or reduced performance become apparent.

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