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Air Compressor Oil

Air Compressor Oil: Ensure Optimal Performance for Your Machine

Shell CORENA S2 P 100_209L Compressor Oil

$1,653.60 inc GST

Shell CORENA S2 P 150_20L Compressor Oil

$191.83 inc GST

Shell CORENA S2 P 100_20L Compressor Oil

$191.83 inc GST

Shell CORENA S2 P 68_20L Compressor Oil

$181.95 inc GST

Shell CORENA S2 P 150_IBC-L Compressor Oil

$7,948.56 inc GST

Shell CORENA S3 R 46_20L Compressor Oil

$172.07 inc GST

Shell CORENA S3 R 46_209L Compressor Oil

$1,447.11 inc GST

Shell CORENA S3 R 68_209L Compressor Oil

$1,447.90 inc GST

Shell CORENA S3 R 68_20L Compressor Oil

$172.07 inc GST

Shell CORENA S4 P 100_20L Compressor Oil

$428.94 inc GST

Shell CORENA S4 P 68_20L Compressor Oil

$447.47 inc GST

Shell CORENA S4 R 46_20L Compressor Oil

$390.66 inc GST

Shell CORENA S4 R 46_209L Compressor Oil

$3,957.98 inc GST

Shell CORENA S4 R 68_209L Compressor Oil

$3,957.98 inc GST

Shell CORENA S4 R 46_IBC-L Compressor Oil

$18,966.42 inc GST

Air compressor oil plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation of your air compressor. Providing proper lubrication to its moving parts prevents friction-related issues and reduces wear and tear. As a result, your air compressor’s components function optimally, leading to increased performance and a longer lifespan. 

Discover a comprehensive range of top-grade industrial oils  at Oila, your ultimate destination for air compressor maintenance. We take satisfaction in offering an extensive selection of excellent compressor lubricants that are appropriate for different compressor model types. Additionally, our affordable pricing guarantees that you get the maximum return on your investment. We also offer free delivery on all purchases over $100 to sweeten the deal further and make it more practical and affordable. 

Don’t wait for issues with your air compressor to arise; take preventative action now. Order the proper compressor fluid from Oila to keep your air compressor operating properly for the duration of its useful life. You can rely on us to be your dependable partner in maintaining the peak performance of your air compressor thanks to our quick delivery and excellent product performance. Invest in the best compressor lubricants now and enjoy a seamless operation with minimal downtime. 

What is Air Compressor Oil?

Oil for air compressors is a vital lubricant for the moving components within an air compressor, ensuring their smooth operation and longevity.

Comprised of a combination of base oil and performance-enhancing additives, it delivers optimum functionality to your machine

The primary role of compressor lubricants are to minimise friction between moving parts, thereby reducing wear and tear, which ultimately extends the lifespan of your compressor.

This lubricant creates a protective barrier, guarding the components against corrosion and rust, further enhancing its durability.

Proper lubrication with the right oil for air compressors can significantly improve your machine's overall efficiency and performance.

Regularly replacing or topping up the oil is essential to maintain the compressor's functionality and prevent potential damage caused by inadequate lubrication.

Different types of air compressors may require specific oil formulations, so it's crucial to consult your compressor's manual or seek expert advice to select the most suitable oil.

Neglecting the maintenance of your air compressor's lubricant can lead to decreased efficiency, increased energy consumption, and potential breakdowns, resulting in costly repairs.

Air compressor fluid plays a critical role in ensuring your air compressor's smooth and reliable operation. Providing the necessary lubrication and protection helps prevent wear and tear, extending the life of your machine and maximising its performance. Regularly checking and replacing the oil will go a long way in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your air compressor.

Why Do I Need Air Compressor Oil?

Air compressor lubricants, specifically synthetic compressor oil, plays a crucial role in ensuring your air compressor's smooth and efficient operation. Providing essential lubrication minimises wear and tear on moving parts, safeguarding the compressor's components and preventing expensive repairs.

Synthetic compressor lubricants is particularly advantageous due to its superior properties. Its cutting-edge formulation provides better lubrication, ensuring the appropriate operation of the air compressor components more successfully. You may rely on synthetic oil to keep piston rings from sticking, lowering the possibility of the compressor overheating.

Furthermore, the high thermal stability of compressor fluids allows it to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent performance in various operating conditions. This durability translates into longer oil life and extended maintenance intervals, reducing overall maintenance costs.

Investing in oil for an air compressor is a wise choice to prolong the life of your air compressor, reduce maintenance expenses, and ensure smooth and trouble-free operation. According to the manufacturer's instructions, changing the oil on a regular basis will keep your air compressor operating well for years.

How Much Synthetic Compressor Oil Do I Need?

For your air compressor to operate at peak efficiency and last as long as possible, you must determine the proper amount of synthetic compressor fluid. The air compressor's operation size and frequency determine how much oil is needed. Finding particular suggestions appropriate for your compressor model can be found by consulting the owner's manual.

Oil for compressors should be changed approximately every 500 to 1000 hours. Regular oil changes are essential to maintain proper lubrication and prevent excessive wear on the compressor's moving parts. Adhering to this maintenance schedule ensures the compressor operates smoothly and efficiently over an extended period.

Remember that using the correct amount of synthetic compressor oil and adhering to the recommended maintenance intervals are essential factors in preserving the reliability and performance of your air compressor. Proper care will minimise potential issues and save you from costly repairs down the line.

Where Can I Buy Air Compressor Oil?

You have several convenient options if you wantAir Compressor Lubricants. Most auto parts stores and online retailers carry a selection of air compressor oils. Additionally, Oila is an excellent place to buy synthetic compressor oil. We offer a wide selection of premium compressor fluids at affordable pricing. Additionally, we provide free delivery on purchases over $100, making it a convenient and economical way to buy the correct oil for your air compressor. 

How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Air Compressor

To select the appropriate oil for your air compressor, consider the following factors:

Assess the type of air compressor you own, as different compressors may require specific types of oil.

Consider the climate in your location, as extreme temperatures can affect the oil's performance.

Evaluate your usage patterns, such as how often the air compressor is used and the intensity of the workload.

By considering these factors, you can make an educated choice and ensure your air compressor is functioning smoothly and effectively.

Air Compressor Oil FAQs

1. What are the benefits of using the right air compressor oil?

The correct oil for air compressors has several advantages, including improved lubrication, less compressor component wear and tear, improved heat dissipation, and better sealing abilities. It ensures peak performance and increases the air compressor's lifespan, which lowers costs and improves efficiency.

2. How do I know if my air compressor needs air compressor oil?

Your air compressor probably needs oil for air compressors if it experiences higher operating temperatures, decreased performance, excessive noise, or noticeable wear on internal components. You can determine whether oil is necessary by frequently checking the oil level and monitoring the compressor's operation.

3. What are the different types of air compressor oil?

There are primarily two types of oil for air compressors: mineral-based and synthetic. Mineral-based oils are cost-effective and suitable for standard operating conditions. In contrast, synthetic oils offer superior performance, especially in extreme temperatures and high-demand environments.

4. How do I choose the right air compressor oil for my air compressor?

To choose the right oil for air compressors:

  1. Consider the compressor type, operating conditions, temperature range, and manufacturer's recommendations.
  2. Select a viscosity grade that matches your compressor's requirements and ensure compatibility with the seals and materials used in your specific compressor model.
  3. Regularly check and change the oil per the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal performance.
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