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Grease Lubricant

Grease Lubricant: Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Marvell Lithplex Grease Red NLGI 2 EP 20Kg

$178.13 inc GST

Hi-Tec Lith EP-2 Amber Grease (450G)

$11.58 inc GST

Hi-Tec Lith EP-1 Grease (450Gm)

$12.01 inc GST

Hi-Tec Super Blue NLGI 3 Grease (20Kg)

$316.78 inc GST

Hi-Tec Lith EP-0 Grease (450Gm)

$11.69 inc GST

Hi-Tec Lithplex TAC EP-2 Grease (20 Kg)

$256.73 inc GST

Hi-Tec Lithplex TAC EP-2 Grease (180 Kg)

$1,852.87 inc GST

Hi-Tec Super Red EP-2 Grease (180 Kg)

$1,831.36 inc GST

Marvell Lithplex Grease Red NLGI 2 EP (180Kg)

$1,643.14 inc GST

Hi-Tec Super Red EP-2 Grease (20 Kg)

$283.53 inc GST

Marvell UhtEP Blue Lith Grease NLGI 3-450G

$20.62 inc GST

Marvell UhtEP Blue Lith Grease NLGI 3 (2.5Kg)

$69.11 inc GST

Marvell UhtEP Blue Lith Grease NLGI 3-20Kg

$286.88 inc GST

Marvell UhtEP Blue Lith Grease NLGI 3 (180Kg)

$2,096.05 inc GST

Hi-Tec Grease Lith EP-2 Amber (180Kg)

$1,638.32 inc GST

Get the wheel bearing grease you need to keep your car running smoothly.  

Wheel bearing grease is essential for maintaining optimal performance in your vehicle. This specialised lubricant helps keep the wheel bearings in top condition, reducing friction and preventing damage to crucial components.  

Oila Car and Grease Centre is your ultimate destination for all things related to wheel bearing grease like AdBlue. We have a wide selection of premium grease products to meet all vehicle needs. Find the ideal grease lubrication for your car from standard to high-temperature alternatives in our large selection.   

Order your grease lubricant from Oila today, and ensure your car’s wheels stay well-lubricated, extending their lifespan and keeping your vehicle running smoothly on the road. It is a simple and affordable option for all your grease lubrication needs, thanks to its cost-effective prices and free shipping on orders over $100. Avoid compromising the performance of your car by relying on Oila to meet all of your automotive demands for the best grease lubricants. 

What is Grease Lubricant?

Grease lubricant is a thick, viscous substance that lubricates moving parts. 

It is made from base oil and additives that help to improve its performance. Grease lubricant, commonly known as car grease, is crucial in maintaining the smooth operation of your vehicle's moving parts. Applying this heavy-duty lubricant to several parts, including wheel bearings, joints, and gears, lowers friction and improves resistance to wear and tear. This keeps your car running as efficiently as possible while extending the lifespan of these vital components.

A diverse range of grease lubricants is available, each with unique characteristics tailored to specific applications. Some of the common types include:

Wheel Bearing Grease

This thick and viscous lubricant is specially formulated for wheel bearings, ensuring smooth operation and preventing overheating.

High-Temperature Grease

 Engineered to withstand elevated temperatures, making it ideal for use in components exposed to high heat.

Car Grease

A versatile, general-purpose grease suitable for various automotive applications, though not as thick as wheel bearing grease.

Auto Grease

Specifically designed for automotive use, this general-purpose grease effectively lubricates moving parts, providing essential protection.

Knowing the distinctions between these varieties enables you to choose the best grease lubricant for your particular auto maintenance requirements, assuring optimum performance and increasing the lifespan of vital parts.

Why Do I Need Grease Lubricant?

Grease lubricant is essential for maintaining your car's moving parts by providing lubrication.

Prevents wear and tear, safeguarding critical components and avoiding costly repairs. 

Keeps your car's components functioning properly and efficiently.

For your car to run smoothly and last long, you must use wire rope grease or another grease lubricant. Without adequate lubrication, friction between moving parts can result in excessive wear and tear, which could cause damage and cost a lot of money to fix. Here’s why your car needs grease:

Wheel Bearings

 Applying grease to wheel bearings helps them run smoothly, reducing friction and preventing overheating, which could fail.

Joints and Gears

Grease helps to maintain the performance of various joints and gears, ensuring seamless movement and optimal functionality.


By creating a protective barrier, grease lubricant prevents metal-to-metal contact, reducing the risk of corrosion and extending the lifespan of components.

Investing in the right grease lubricant for your car maintenance routine will undoubtedly pay off in the long run, keeping your vehicle in top condition and minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns.


How Much Grease Lubricant Do I Need?

The required amount of grease lubricant depends on the size of the moving parts and your car's usage frequency

Generally, apply grease lubricant to your car's moving parts every few thousand miles. 

Consult your car's owner's manual for specific recommendations.

When applying high temperature grease, especially high-temperature grease, to your car's moving parts, it's crucial to strike the right balance. Applying too much grease can result in untidy excess while using too little can result in insufficient lubrication. Consider the size, kind, and frequency of use of your car when calculating the optimal quantity of grease lubrication. The owner's manual for your car is useful because it contains instructions on the manufacturer's recommended lubrication intervals and amounts. Following these suggestions will assist in keeping your car's parts properly lubricated, preventing wear and tear, and promoting a pleasant driving experience.

Where Can I Buy Grease Lubricant?

  • Auto grease is commonly found at auto parts stores and online retailers. 
  • Oila offers a wide selection of grease lubricants at competitive prices, making it a reliable choice for purchasing auto grease. 
  • Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on orders over $100, making Oila a convenient and cost-effective option for your grease lubricant needs

How to Choose the Right Grease Lubricant

When it comes to selecting the right industrial oil supplier, Oila Oil, and Grease Centre stands out for several compelling reasons:

When selecting auto grease, consider the specific needs of your car's moving parts. 

Assess the type of moving parts that require lubrication, such as wheel bearings, joints, or gears. 

Consider the climate in which you live, as extreme temperatures may require high-temperature grease for
optimal performance. 

Consider your driving habits and the demands placed on your vehicle to determine the appropriate grease with the necessary viscosity and additives.

For the components in your car to be protected appropriately and performed, the right Hammer Grease must be chosen. By considering these things, you can choose the best grease for your car's needs, extending its life, increasing its efficiency, and making driving easier. If you're unsure which choice is ideal for you, seek advice from an experienced specialist or look up manufacturer suggestions in the owner's manual of your car. 

Grease Lubricant FAQs

1. What are the benefits of using the right grease lubricant?

Using the right grease lubricant offers several benefits, such as reducing friction, preventing wear and tear, and extending the lifespan of critical components in your car. It ensures smooth operation, minimises the risk of costly repairs, and enhances overall performance.

2. How do I know if my car needs grease lubricant?

If your car's moving parts experience friction, stiffness, or unusual noises, it may be time to apply car grease. Regular inspections during routine maintenance can also help identify areas that need lubrication.

3. What are the different types of grease lubricants?

Various grease lubricants are available, each tailored to specific applications and environments. Some common types include high-temperature grease, wheel bearing grease, and auto Grease.

4. How do I choose the right grease lubricant for my car?

To choose the right Wheel Bearing Grease for your car, consider factors like the type of moving parts, climate conditions, driving habits, and manufacturer recommendations. Consulting with an automotive expert can also provide valuable insights.

5. How often should I apply grease lubricant to my car?

The frequency of applying car grease lubricant depends on your car's usage and the type of lubrication required. As a general guideline, consider greasing moving parts every few thousand miles or refer to your car's owner's manual for specific maintenance intervals.

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